Bride and Groom under a great oakBride and Groom under a great oakWhile many photographers can take good pictures, Paul’s consummate professionalism and eye for an amazing shot take him to a higher level. Paul took the time to drive around the area where we got married weeks before wedding; he did this to research scenic areas that create those “WOW” photos that everyone loves to show their family and friends. Paul found a beautiful old oak tree in a meadow that was the backdrop of photos that are so good; they ended up in Bride and Groom magazine.  Click Here For Wedding Package Prices

Because your wedding is unique, we will work closely with you to custom design a wedding photography package that will match your vision and tell your love story and wedding day celebration. 

Our prices reflect our extensive experience and ability to consistently create stunning and beautiful wedding photography. We use only the finest quality materials for our wedding books and print collections. 

We are excited to learn more about you and your love story and how we can help make your wedding the "Wedding Of Your Dreams".

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